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Gojek introduces the new GoRide Transit feature in its smart app. The full integration of ride-hailing and public transportation. This feature allows users to order GoRide to the station, purchase KRL Commuterline tickets, and then continue their travel from the station to the final destination using GoRide in a single transaction.  GoRide Transit features are align with GoTo Group's objective to provide product variation to reach a bigger consumer base. Through GoRide Transit, Gojek contributes to the government's efforts to increase public transportation services by providing a simpler, faster, and cheaper mobility experience. 

Maginate was tasked with supporting the introduction and advertising for Gojek's GoRide Transit, as well as introducing the new programme and generating public awareness. The programme greatly benefits the general public, particularly those who use public transportation on a regular basis, and we are ensuring that the message is transmitted to the intended audience.

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