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Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID) is Indonesia's mining industry holding company comprising PT ANTAM Tbk, PT Bukit Asam, PT Freeport Indonesia, PT INALUM, and PT Timah Tbk. MIND ID represents Indonesia’s rich natural resources and exceptionally brilliant people who are equipped and eager to collaborate in synergy and to the best of their abilities to further the nation's development.

Maginate entered the MIND ID project tender competition as a black sheep, without any history working with the client or its subsidiary company. We carefully study the project objectives and skillfully translate the client's purpose into an exciting visuals which transcend the message in a clear, straightforward, and concise manner. Maginate successfully won the client's heart and awarded with the contract, defeating five other Indonesian top creative agencies that competed in the bidding process. The project's final outcome impressed the client without a single complaint, and been working together ever since.

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